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Get More Automation Control with AI

One of the wonders of Scenic Route with Home Automation is the cunning ability. Also to manipulate many home devices in unison. Finesse voice controls, music, interior lighting or shading, temperature control. Also security devices or other programmed preferences. Also made possible with the polished hand of Path AV.

Path AV utilizes the core engine of Josh.ai, allowing users to create personalized scenes for professional or leisure that can optimize their homes.

The Set Up

A scene enables a user to control multiple devices simultaneously through a specific trigger. Also occasionally referred to as a “macro”. Many different kinds of triggers including voice, device state change, weather, time, and others can be programmed into the system.

You’re conducting business from home? Have a preset that primes your devices to get you in the zone, blocking out distractions, shutting off TV screens while you focus on the job.

Josh.ai’s recommendation is to add intuitive matching triggers such as, “I am starting a meeting,” as opposed to just the word “meeting”. Also to activate your chain of device prompts. From there, Josh will run the commands defined in the custom command box. Also your desired ambience will be achieved.

A scene enables a user to control devices simultaneously through a specific trigger.

The Payoff

Scenic Route with Home Automation save yourself a few steps, coming home from work to an already relaxing setting where the lights are dim, the AC is set to 73° in the blistering summer heat, and Sade’s “Smooth Operator” blasts on repeat. It pretty much does everything but hand you a glass of wine when you enter the door. Also but that’s what your spouse is for. (We’re working on that.)

In all seriousness, the technology does exist to manipulate electronic coffee machines, which is the next best thing for some. 

Let Path AV help you set the “scene” for your home automation with our expert control of systems that bring your vision to life. However you want to integrate things.

Scenic Route with Home Automation

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Scenic Route with Home Automation
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