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Crestron Residential Audio Solutions

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This year Crestron launched a new line of residential architecture, Crestron Residential Audio and landscape speakers that part of the company’s partnership with Origin Acoustics. This new product line crafted to work perfectly with the new Crestron DM NAX Audio-over-IP amplifier.

The experts at Path AV couldn’t be more excited to bring this to our customers. Origin Acoustics an industry leader when it comes to all things speaker, electronics. Also many types of accessories. Crestron of course our go to provider for home automation and integrations.

Combining the two allows us to bring our customers a solution. Also that can scale across project size and give the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Two Tiers of Crestron Speakers by Origin

The unique line of Origin Acoustics Crestron speakers divided into two tiers: Reference and Ultimate. With the Reference tier you can expect Origin’s patented silk tweeters and glass fiber drivers. You can rest assured you will not disappointed with the smooth sound. Also low distortion from these speakers.

The Ultimate tier, as expected, will provide the best available audio performance. Also you can buy with carbon-fiber components and ceramic-coated aluminum tweeters.

The speakers will disappear in your home’s design while still producing outstanding audio quality.

Crestron DM NAX Audio-over-IP Distribution Solution

With our systems you never have to worry about aesthetics because Crestron speakers by Origin will disappear in your home’s design while still producing outstanding audio quality. Also not only that they were specifically designed to support the high output and resolution capacity of the DM NAX amplifier.

 The DM NAX amplifier was created an audio solutions that could fully integrate into the smart home environment. With this technology you  about to connect to music streaming from today’s most popular services or devices. You’re in full control! Have fully visibility of your whole home audio from your mobile device, remote, keypad, and voice activation.


Crestron Residential Audio

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If you want to learn more about how Path AV can bring this new technology into your home feel free to reach out. Also we’d love to show you how this new audio system could compliment your smart home.

Crestron Residential Audio
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